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SABYDOMA @ 8th Nano Today Conference

The 8th Nano Today Conference took place between the 22nd and the 25th April 2023 in San Diego (California, US). The conference was organised by the Nano Today journal and Elsevier in partnership with Materials Today, covering a broad spectrum of research associated with the fundamental sciences and development in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

This edition joint around 200 international experts from different stakeholder groups as, academia, Industries, start-ups, research institutes from USA, China, Canada, Australia, UK, and Italy.

Dr Swaroop Chakraborty, Research Fellow from the University of Birmingham (UoB), participated in the conference. He gave an oral presentation as a part of the session on “Nanomedicine and nanobiology“, on the SABYDOMA project and its overarching objectives to be achieved in the field of Safe-by-Design of nanomaterials. Under the title “Coupling nanomaterials release to a flow through membrane on a chip screening module for rapid safety assessment of the engineered nanomaterials“, he highlighted the SbD principles within the lines of safe nanomaterials development. He also mentioned about the importance of kind of technology such as mini-release accelerator, biomembrane sensor, cell line screening modules that are being developed within SABYDOMA to facilitate a rapid assessment of the nanomaterials for their toxicity. While the majority of the talks and posters of the conference were associated with the fundamental development and applications of the nanomaterials, Swaroop’s presentation highlighted the importance of nanosafety as a part of the nanomaterials’ development process before their commercialisation in the global market.