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Case Study 3

Composite electroplating

Partner lead: Cnano

In this case study the electroplating process for developing nano-composite coatings of Ni-P matrix reinforced by various nanoparticles (e.g. SiC, TiO2) will be optimized. This will take place through a special design of plating and rinsing tanks in combination with recirculation innovations, ultrasonication techniques and in-line monitoring tools. The main objectives are (i) to improve the quality of the produced coatings, (ii) to decrease losses in raw materials and especially nanoparticles and finally (iii) to minimize the risk of nanoparticles leakage in the environment through the wastes of the electroplating process. Cnano will be responsible for the overall re-design of the plant while UoB and UNIVLEEDS will support by developing customized monitoring tools and protocols for nanoparticles characterizations.

Cnano electroplating pilot line