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Visit of UoB to UNIVLEEDS

Dr. Swaroop Chakraborty (University of Birmingham – UoB) visited, on 12th January 2022, Professor Andrew Nelson (University of Leeds – UNIVLEEDS) and other SABYDOMA team members: Professor Rik Drummond, Professor Thomas Chamberlain, Professor Nik Kapur, Dr. Karen Steensen, Dr. Will Stokes. Additionally, Professor Eugenia Valsami-Jones (UoB) attended the meeting remotely to discuss the future endeavours of the project.

The purpose of the meeting was to demonstrate the working mini-release accelerator kit developed at the University of Leeds. The kit will be used as a part of WP4 of SABYDOMA, led by the University of Birmingham. The visit was also intended to introduce postdoc Dr. Chakraborty to the UNIVLEEDS team and to discuss about the development of a platform to facilitate a two-way transfer of knowledge between UNIVLEEDS and UoB.

Dr. Will Stokes discussed and demonstrated the mini-release accelerator kit. Due to some logistical issues, the demonstration was not as successful as planed and therefore a follow-up visit is planned for 16th February 2022, with the aim of further discuss the mini-release accelerator and perform its demonstration.

UNIVLEEDS and UoB teams also had an initial discussion regarding the aging experiments of case studies from RESCOLL and Cnano. Furthermore, UNIVLEEDS-team guided Swaroop Chakraborty through the SABYDOMA facilities (nanoparticles synthesis and characterization) at Leeds and discussed future collaboration possibilities between UoB and UNIVLEEDS.