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From 10th to 14th July 2023, Matt Jellicoe and William Stokes (from UNIVLEEDS) visited APPNPS labs in Barcelona (Spain) with the aim of coupling an AgNP flow-through nanoparticle production line to an artificial biomembrane sensor (ABS) and performing experiments to understand the influence of production parameters on membrane interaction of the AgNPs. Both the ABS and nanoparticle production line had been transferred on previous visits by UNIVLEEDS to APPNPS, however as additional fluidic components and a special type of flow switching valve were required to couple the outflow of the production line, into the sample feed for the ABS in preparation for screening, the UNIVLEEDS team used this visit to solve these issues.

The coupled systems form the lead demonstrator of the SABYDOMA project, showcasing membrane-activity-driven synthesis of AgNPs. The tests run successfully and the results are very promising.

Here some impressions of the visit: