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UNIVLEEDS Seminar in Edinburgh

SABYDOMA’s coordinator, Dr. Andrew Nelson from the University of Leeds, gave last 29 Nov. 2023 at the Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh a seminar to 30 students and other stakeholders. Under the title “Third generation online screening for structure-activity modelling”, the talk followed the development of the innovative screening technology (developed in SABYDOMA) from its original inception to its ruggedisation, automation, validation and demonstration. The technology presented in the talk formed the core of three EU framework projects, ENNSATOX, HISENTS and SABYDOMA and its role in the two latter Horizon projects was covered within the talk. Additionally, Andrew described three case studies where this technology is being/has been used: (1) Silica nanomaterial and (2) PvP adsorption on lipid membranes, and (3) Aminoquinoline and antimalarial interaction with lipids and its biological relevance.

The presentation is available here.