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NovaMechanics, through the development of state-of-the-art nanoinformatics methods, will enable the configuration of new software on the Safety by Design theme and widen NovaMechanics’s client-base.

Coupling NM production with screening will increase MISVIK’s service portfolio and thus widen its client-base. Development of new screening tools will, additionally, widen the high-throughput assessment capability for deep functionality and toxicity mode-of-action analysis, spanning the consideration of from one to hundreds of single or multicomponent nanomaterials simultaneously.

NTC will raise the level of technology to TRL6, make it safe and highly competitive. In addition, NTC will supply Cnano with TiO2 to be used as a composite coating. NTC will satisfy many customers with improved quality powder products. NTC looks forward to a long-term business relationship with project partners during the project and after

SABYDOMA’s technology will elaborate H&S issues in the field of composite electroplating with a particular focus in nano-safety. At the same time, the efficiency in the use of materials, as well as the quality of the coatings, will be significantly improved. Overall, the SABYDOMA project will improve the safety and sustainability of the process, opening opportunities

SABYDOMA’s technology will introduce rapid, safe reliable online in vitro testing of dental implant biocompatibility. Most importantly, this will consolidate the safety testing of implant, increasing end-user confidence in the product, what will lead to widening its use and its replacement of in vivo testing.

Coupling SABYDOMA’s online characterization and screening technology to our production lines will allow us to make the transition from multi-step long batch synthesis to a continuous production regime with on-line control. This will yield to a more automated and controlled production process, speeding up production and ensuring safe nanoparticles are delivered and certified at the site.