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University of Leeds (UNIVLEEDS)

Project coordinator and WP1, WP8 and WP9 leader. Mainly contributing to WP2-WP4 and supporting WP5 and WP7.

UNIVLEEDS will act as Coordinator and will lead WP8 – Project management. UNIVLEEDS has considerable experience coordinating EU projects and the Coordinator, Andrew Nelson, has successfully coordinated two nanosafety projects, i.e. ENNSATOX in FP7 and HISENTS in Horizon 2020.


It will also take part in:

WP1 – TRL4 Lab Validation, developing and coupling flow-through reactors, and the HISENTS biomembrane and cell line sensor module to the developed system

WP2 – TRL 5 Industrial Validation, taking part in transfer of Lead Demonstrator and associated platforms to respective industrial sites

WP3 – TRL6 demonstration in the industrial environment, i.e. testing the prototype technologies in situ, scale-up studies and performance verification

WP4 – Release studies, establishing hardware and software of a mini-release accelerator

WP5 – Computational modelling, working on system requirements and identification and experimental design

WP6 – Regulation, governance and data management

WP7 – Dissemination and exploitation.


UNIVLEEDS applicants have proven track records relevant to SABYDOMA. Within Tasks 1-3 UNIVLEEDS team counts with specialists in advanced electron microscopy, and have strong research profiles in NM synthesis and characterisation. A further strength of UNIVLEEDS is the electron microscopy of NM dispersion. Critical to WPs 1-5, the project coordinator, Andrew Nelson, has expertise in co-ordinating nanosafety projects (ENNSATOX in FP7 and HISENTS in Horizon 2020), and has an international reputation in electrochemical sensors, ranging from fundamental research to commercial exploitation. The UNIVLEEDS team has also significant expertise in sensor development and in continuous flow processing, both in terms of modelling and industrial development, as well as a background in process intensification, nanomaterials and reactor design.