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Contributing to WP1-WP3, WP5, WP7 and WP8.

MISVIK is a key partner for generating test and validation results in the TRL progression development work and the modelling efforts spanning WPs 1-5. MISVIK contributes a multi-readout high-throughput and high content cell culture-based nanomaterials safety-testing toxicity scoring and ranking concept to the project. The pertinent expertise relates primarily to efficient use of cell culture models and toxicological assays in the planned TRL 4 lab validation (WP1), TRL 5 industrial validation (WP2), TRL 6 demonstration in industrial development (WP3) and release studies (WP4). Additionally, MISVIK contributes vast bioinformatics, large data handling and machine learning expertise to the computational modelling efforts (WP5).


MISVIK applicants have proven track record relevant to SABYDOMA from their involvement in multiple nanosafety-oriented EU-funded projects. Broad experience in systems biology and development of novel safety testing strategies enable studies on toxicity mechanisms and Adverse Outcome Pathway, and provides means for predicting and avoiding unwanted toxicity effects of nanomaterials under high-throughput. The applicants have a track record of in vitro technologies and coupled methods development spanning one to four decades.