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Idea Consult Limited

Mainly contributing to WP6 and supporting WP7.

The main task of IDEA in SABYDOMA concern is data management in WP6.

IDEA has considerable experience in informatics, such as chemoinformatics, QSAR and data mining and has participated in several EU funded H2020 projects such as: NanoinformaTIX, GRACIOUS, ExCAPE; and, the FP7 projects ToxBank and eNanoMapper.

Ideaconsult develops and maintains several well-known and widely used open source software products, in particular Toxtree (a user-friendly open source application, which includes 18 endpoint-specific modules estimating toxic hazard by applying a decision tree approach, and is widely used in industry and regulatory settings, as well as for application of the threshold of toxicological concern), Toxmatch (for encoding and applying chemical similarity indices) and AMBIT, an open source QSAR decision support system, offering chemical structure, substance and nanomaterials database management, flexible structure, similarity and study queries, descriptor calculation, predictive models building and applicability domain via REST web services. We develop, host and maintain the CEFIC LRI AMBIT tool, which provides a user-friendly interface for creating read across assessment and generating reports and which is loaded with non-confidential REACH dossiers. The publicly accessible CEFIC LRI AMBIT Tool provides support to experts in data gathering, integrates model prediction and automatic generation of read across data matrix. These tools have been carefully designed and developed in close co-operation with academia, regulatory bodies, and the industry. The recently launched searchable eNanoMapper database at EUON relies on services hosted by and developed by the company.