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Gil Robles – San Bartolome & Partners (G&S)

Mainly contributing to WP9 and supporting WP7 and WP8.

Gil Robles (formerly EVEREST) will be involved in four WP6 tasks. It will more specifically, in the context of task 6.1, assist other partners in reviewing state of the art of SbD approaches and guidance documents for nanomaterials development aligned with existing Horizon 2020 projects on risk governance of nanotechnology and organise two dedicated workshops in other to, at the beginning of the project, identify the state-of-the-art legal definition of SbD and, at the end of the project, to validate the work carried out under Gil Robles  supervision by the working group on the legal definition. Within task 6.3., Gil Robles will assist other partners with the drafting of guidelines on risk assessment and management (SbD). It will also provide legal input needed for the development, in task 6.4, of the SbD decision framework implementation in the platform. It will also provide legal validation support for the development of the commercially available Nano-GRC (governance, risk management and compliance) software based on nanomaterials and legal ontologies in task 6.5. Gil Robles will also be involved in task 7.3 devoted to the intellectual property rights management.

Gil Robles will be the reference partner in the consortium to address legal challenges listed in the proposal. Gil Robles  legal expertise will be used in different tasks in order to identify the legal dimensions of SbD and validate from a legal perspective the different deliverables subject to legal requirements. Thanks to its active involvement in the legal practice of nanotechnology-related regulations, Gil Robles will help building an up-to-date and comprehensive approach towards the legal definition of SbD. With its long experience in delivering solutions to clients from all sectors, Gil Robles will assist the other partners in identifying regulatory barriers and intellectual property management issues in order to propose implementable solutions matching the technological readiness levels requirements.