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Factor Social – Consultoria em Psico-sociologia e Ambiente Lda (FS)

Mainly contributing to WP6 and supporting WP3 and WP7.

Factor Social will be mainly engaged on WP6 (Task 6.1 – Review of state of the art of SbD approaches and guidance documents for NMs development aligned with existing Horizon 2020 projects on Risk Governance of Nanotechnology; Task 6.3 Risk assessment and management (SbD) SOPs applicable in the early development of NMs; Task 6.4 SbD decision framework implementation in the platform) and on WP7 (Task 7.1 Communication and Dissemination Management; Subtask 7.1.2 Integration of social media tools and Subtask 7.1.3 Scientific Publication – Coordination of scientific publication and Open Access; and Task 7.2 Public events and networking – Coordination of attendance to relevant events and organisation of event).

Factor Social knowledge is very well positioned for fulfilling the assigned tasks considering the company and team experience on risk assessment and management (considering environmental risks, social risks and health risks); its experience on decision-making and governance; and on stakeholders’ management, public participation and engagement.

Moreover, Factor Social can provide support on linking to NMBP-13 projects as it is partner of RiskGONE project and is in close connection to partners of the other 2 NMPB-13 projects (Gov4Nano and NANORIGO) for establishing coordinated approaches to stakeholders regarding NM risk governance.

The team assigned to the project also has a strong record of publications.