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Creative Nano PC (Cnano)

WP3 leader. Mainly contributing to WP2, WP1 and WP4 and supporting WP7 and WP8.

Cnano will redesign and modify their pilot line based on SbD principles developed in the project, in order to include a reflow system and incorporate high through-put testing. A new SbD concept will be developed for the electroplating of nano-enabled composite coatings, with Ni-P/SiC and/or TiO2 nanomaterials. The new concept will be developed in WP1 at lab scale, at the premises of Cnano. In WP2, Cnano will transfer knowledge from WP1 to UoB, where the technology will be upgraded to TRL5. Cnano will lead WP3, overseeing the upscaling of SABYDOMA’s technologies to TRL6, including the reconstruction of their existing pilot line in order to incorporate and upgrade the new SbD technology to TRL6. Cnano will contribute to the release studies in WP4 by providing final products from the electroplating process and co-design of the testing protocols with UoB. Finally, Cnano will provide data to be used in computational modelling in WP5, contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of results in WP7, and support management activities in WP8.

Cnano’s expertise in electroplating, process design, nanomaterial production & dispersion, material testing, operations management, and nanomaterial characterization will be instrumental for the implementation of the proposed research plan. This expertise will be utilized in the project for the upscaling of the SbD technology in electroplating process from TRL 4 to 6 and the incorporation of high throughput screening in WPs 1 – 3, in the development of protocols for release testing and the interpretation of results in WP4, and in providing usable data in modelling efforts in WP5. The Cnano personnel has participated in numerous EU collaborative projects.