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BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (BNN)

WP7 leader. Mainly contributing to WP6 and WP8.

Within SABYDOMA, BNN will lead WP7 – Dissemination and Exploitation, ensuring an appropriate dissemination and suitable exploitation of the project results, including efficient communication, outreach and technology transfer to all relevant target groups.

BNN will provide communication, dissemination and exploitation activities as set-up of the project website and its maintenance, visibility on social media channels, design of project logo, press releases, brochures, newsletters (newsletter reaches “nano-professionals” worldwide), coordination of scientific publications, posters for events/conferences, journal articles, workshops (Demonstration and presentation of project results; sharing knowledge and lessons learned between project partners; also open to other researchers and interested stakeholders), organization of public events (workshops, summer/winter schools, café scientifique) and coordination of the attendance to external events and conferences.

BNN will also contribute to WP6, reviewing the state of the art of SbD approaches and guidance documents for NMs development aligned with existing H2020 projects on Risk Governance of Nanotechnology (Task 6.1), align this with current H2020 risk assessment (Inspired and Hi-Response projects) and governance (Gov4Nano) projects activities (Task 6.3), as well as demonstrating the SABYDOMA decision tree platform and training material (D6.6 in Task 6.4).

BNN is European key player in the field of nano-safety, specialized in developing nanorelated Safe-by-Design strategies together with researchers and industry, and coordinates international nano-safety and nano-innovation activities (e.g., NanoSafety Cluster, Industrial Innovation Liaison i2L, Closer-To-The-Market, etc.). On national level, BNN coordinates the Austrian NanoMedicine, NanoToxicology and NanoSafety-research-community and therefore has access to key technologies for nano-safety assessment along the value chain. Through the close collaboration with industry, BNN has gained expertise in translating scientific knowledge into real-life industrial innovation processes. Additionally, BNN provides communication and dissemination activities (its newsletter reaches 850 members and approx.12000 external “nano-professionals” worldwide) and has experience in organizing workshops and scientific trainings.