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Applied Nanoparticles SL (APPNPS)

WP2 leader. Mainly contributing to WP1, WP3 and WP6 and supporting WP4, WP5, WP7 and WP8.

APPNPS’ involvement will be present across all the WPs, especially by leading WP2, having a central role on WP1 and WP3, leading a task on WP6 and collaborating in various WP4 and WP5 tasks.

Throughout the project, APPNPS’ role and contributions will pivot on their expertise on nanoparticles design and synthesis and product development under SbD and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles. This will be condensed and put in to practice by selecting two of our production processes (Ag NPs and CuO NPs synthesis) to act as Case Studies (CS1) on which to implement, follow and validate all the developments of SABYDOMA’s continuous-flow reactors and on-line screening platform as they go up the TRL ladder, from WP1 to WP3.

Also, taking advantage of the expertise and background of one of its team members, APPNPS will be leading a task in WP6, where SbD will be analysed from a legal perspective. APPNPS will also collaborate in WP5’s modelling using its expertise on nanoparticles synthesis and, in WP4, sourcing it release data to validate and refine their release models.

APPNPS’ expertise in both the academic field and in the corporate and entrepreneurship field suits with our attributions within the project. APPNPS’ members come from an academic background in inorganic nanoparticles synthesis, properties and behaviour, and environmental and nanotechnology soft and hard law.