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We are proud to present our fresh SABYDOMA project video! Nanomaterials have the potential to be harmful to humans and other forms of life in ways we have not fully understood yet. To minimize this risk, SABYDOMA brings together a team of 19 international organizations with the aim of using the “Safety-by-Design” concept to minimize these risks

Ignasi Gispert Pi, from APPNPS, talks about SABYDOMA’s aim of developing a Regulatory Sandbox for Nanomaterials underpinned by Safe- & Sustainability-by-Design (SSbD) methodologies and strategies taking advantage of Computational Models based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). This will offer the possibility to explore and test a regulatory framework capable of delivering effective and efficient oversight of nanomaterials

William Stokes, from UNIVLEEDS, explains in this video the coupling of a nano-material production line to a bio-membrane screening platform to demonstrate in-line screening. The video shows how the bio-membrane sensor is being developed, how it will perform and how it is integrated into the screening platform. Furthermore, it is also shown how the coupling to