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Screening platform for analysing effects of nanoparticles on humans

Within the SABYDOMA project, Fraunhofer IBMT develops a screening platform to analyse the effect of nanoparticles on human cells during the production process. This platform will be directly connected with the nanoparticle production lines from the project partners.

The video shows the general function of the screening platform with its two main subsystems, 1) the compact microscope and 2) the fluidic module comprising a microhole array chip. Cells are positioned on a membrane with microholes and then they are exposed to the nanoparticle material. The compact microscope allows the optical analysis of the cell behaviour during and after exposition of the cells to the nanoparticles. Additionally, electrical impedance spectroscopy is used to analyse the cells.

Together with the output of the other analysis tools developed within SABYDOMA, the results from this toxicity screening are used to adjust the parameters of the nanoparticle production line in order to increase the safety of the production process of nanomaterials.

Edward Yorke and Thorsten Knoll (Fraunhofer IBMT) were the creators of this video.



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