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SABYDOMA project video release

We are proud to present our fresh SABYDOMA project video!

Nanomaterials have the potential to be harmful to humans and other forms of life in ways we have not fully understood yet. To minimize this risk, SABYDOMA brings together a team of 19 international organizations with the aim of using the “Safety-by-Design” concept to minimize these risks at the earliest stages of nanomaterial production. We will establish high-throughput platforms to manufacture nanomaterials and to screen their toxicity directly at the point of production. The SABYDOMA platform will use physicochemical and biological sensor elements, with the resulting signals produced being used to control the redesign and production of safe but functional nanomaterials within a feedback loop. Our approach will also enable the manufacture of safer chemicals and pharmaceuticals, cutting down on subsequent testing. Such an important innovation will not only prevent potential hazards, but will speed up the production process, decrease manufacturing costs and minimize waste in the circular economy.


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