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This year, the 13th Panhellenic Scientific Conference of Chemical Engineering (PESXM13) was held at the Conference and Cultural Center of University of Patras (Greece) during 2-4 June 2022 to promote the scientific activities of Greek chemical engineers on a national and international level.

The conference focused on the promotion of interdisciplinary fields of Chemical Engineering, as well as current trends and recent developments in the fields of biological/ biochemical engineering, biomedical engineering, nanotechnology, electrochemistry, applied chemistry. Nanoparticles, in sustainable development, safety and health/hygiene in chemical processes and efforts to protect the environment and reduce activities affecting climate change around the world.

Around 500 participants from academia, industry, regulators and policy makers joint the conference.

SABYDOMA’s Safety By Process Control concept was presented at the conference. Kardamaki Argyri and Athanassios Nikolakopoulos, from NTUA’s team, gave an oral presentation during the evening session (5 pm local time) on 3rd June 2022 with the title “A Model Predictive Control Framework for the Production of Safe and Functional Nanomaterials”. The presentation was centered around the design of a model predictive control (MPC) configuration for a series of plug flow reactors that synthesize Ag nanoparticles in the simulation environment provided by interlinking Matlab-Simulink with Aspen Dynamics. The objective of the presentation was to shed light on the entire workflow from the definition of the experimental set-up to the development of a first-principles dynamic model, the training of a time-series neural network to provide a linear model of the plant and, at last, the tuning of the MPC controller.

Screenshot of NTUAs presentation @ PESXM13

Additionally, Cnano’s team (Katerina Mavronasou, Alexandros Zoikis Karathanasis, EvangelosPapaioannou, Antonios Bairamis) attended the event. Under the title „A novel ultrasound assisted electroplating apparatus for deposition of nano-composite coatings“, Katerina presented the results of Cnano’s research on the currently applied electroplating method (classic method), the challenges they face and how SABYDOMA will help them overcome those challenges leading to a more sustainable process.