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SABYDOMA @ OPENTOX 2020 conference

This year, the OpenTox 2020 Conference took place online (21st– 25th September).

The purpose of the OpenTox Association is to promote the community-based exchange and use of open knowledge, methods, tools, data, reference resources, and standards including open software, ontology and application programming interfaces in the scientific activities of predictive toxicology, safety assessment and risk management, including the “3Rs” goal of the Reduction, Refinement and Replacement of Animal Testing.

Under the title “A Global Meeting for a Safer World”, the conference this year brought together a wide program with a lot of great experts in their areas. The event was supported by online tools for poster presentations, webinars, hackathon and communications.

SABYDOMA was represented by:

  • Yvonne Kohl, from SABYDOMA’s project partner Fraunhofer IBMT, gave a talk on advanced miniaturized in vivo-like non-animal approaches for toxicity profiling and non-invasive cell characterization, in the session „Organ-on-chip testing