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SABYDOMA @ Leeds Be-Curious

Be Curious is Leeds University’s annual research open event, which aims to showcase how research at the University of Leeds is making a world of difference to people’s lives.

In this online edition on July 8th, Andrew Nelson, SABYDOMA’s coordinator, was interviewed by Alex Holmes in the Be Curious LATES: Sustainable scientific solutions. After an introduction to the two safety philosophies (Precautionary Principle and Evidence Based Decision), Andrew explained how technologies have an impact on the environment and public health and how SABYDOMA addresses this by applying the Safety-by-Design (SbD) concept to the production of safe nanomaterials/products. SABYDOMA sees public health  management as a control system technology  where rapid screening is coupled to the production of nanomaterials/products, alleviating the risks associated with new technologies used in the society and reducing their negative impact on humans and the environment.

Watch the video here (starting in min 21)!