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The  jointly organized by IUTOX and EUROTOX, took place on Maastricht (The Netherlands) on 18-21 September 2022. This edition offered a superb scientific program around the relevant theme, “Uniting in Toxicology.”, reflecting the desire to address topics dealing with different disciplines. Working together, these disciplines with their diverse perspectives contribute to promoting and encouraging the use of new and innovative techniques and strategies, that will continue to reduce the risks to human health and the environment.

SABYDOMA was represented in the international conference by our coordinator and expert Andrew Nelson (from the university of Leeds). Andrew gave an invited talk with the title “An innovative approach to dealing with the Safety-by-Design issue – SABYDOMA” on 19th November, within the Session 05Opportunities and limitations on safe by design approaches for nanomaterials”, presenting the SABYDOMA rationale and talking about the coupling of toxscore with the results from the biomembrane sensor.

The conference program can be checked here.

You can find all abstracts of the ICT 2022 conference, here.

Download the presentation about “An innovative approach to dealing with the Safety-by-Design issue -SABYDOMA” given by Andrew Nelson (University of Leeds) below.