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SABYDOMA @ 2nd 3R Symposium

The 2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium was organised by the Universtity of Saarland (Saarbrücken, Germany) on 5th October 2022. This 2nd edition of the 3R Symposium focused on animal-free experiments and alternatives to animal experiments.

Additionally, the “3R Platform Saar” (3RPS) was also presented. The 3RPS systematically records replacement methods for animal experiments available in Saarland and names contact persons who have established these methods in Saarland. Reference is also made to scientific publications in which these methods are described by the local working groups, as well as to financial support from third-party funding bodies such as the German Research Foundation, federal ministries or the European Union. The platform is intended to specifically promote the networking of the participating working groups so that innovations in alternatives to animal experimentation can be implemented even more efficiently in practice. Furthermore, it is intended to serve as an information and exchange platform for interested scientists and industry partners who would like to integrate alternative methods to animal experiments into their own projects in the future.

The program of the symposium can be consulted here.

Around 60 people, coming from academia, regulators and industry, joint physically the symposium (more people attended online), to listen to renowned experts presenting their alternative experiments that do not involve animals and/or substitute methods for animal testing.

Thorsten Kohl, from IBMT FRAUNHOFER, gave an oral presentation on October 5th at the 2nd „3R Symposium Saarland“. Under the title “Safety by design of nanomaterials – EU project SABYDOMA”, Thorsten presented the general aim of SABYDOMA, as well as and IBMT’s contribution, the cell-line screening platform. Additionally, Thorsten presented other IBMT microfluidic solutions for cell applications.