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Mini-Release Accelerator transferred from UNIVLEEDS to Cnano

From 29 November – 02 December 2022, Will Stokes from the University of Leeds (UNIVLEEDS) travelled to the facilities of Creative Nano (Cnano) in Athens (Greece) to commission the Mini Release Environment, i.e., transfer the mini release environment equipment, developed by UNIVLEEDS, to Cnano as part of Case Study 3.

During this visit, Will Stokes (UNIVLEEDS) set up the equipment in a laboratory space nearby to the electroplating line, being developed under the SABYDOMA research grant. Evangelos Papaioannou (Cnano) received training on various tasks required to operate the system, including the use of the specialised control application to schedule custom test routines. The instalment of this new equipment from UNIVLEEDS allows Cnano to perform rapid assessment of their novel nanomaterial coatings by accelerated leaching.

On the third day of the visit, the newly installed equipment was presented to the SABYDOMA consortium, who were visiting Cnano for the second review meeting of the project. Following on from this technology transfer, Cnano will now demonstrate the use of the mini release environment in their industrial setting.