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Metal Finishing Industry: A shift to Greener technologies

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Metal Finishing Industry: A shift to Greener technologies

The Metal Finishing Industry uses mainly water and several chemicals during the various production processes and steps, generating a significant amount of hazardous and toxic wastes in liquid or solid form. The emitted chemicals can cause a variety of adverse health effects depending upon the toxic nature of the chemical; the medium of exposure (i.e., air, water, soil, or food); the chemical concentration to which an individual is exposed; and the duration and frequency of the exposure. In addition, exposed individuals will have varying degrees of sensitivity to chemicals depending on the person’s health status, age, and sex. Moreover, well established processes such as hard chromium plating and plating on plastics, are based on highly toxic compounds (e.g. chromic acid, containing hexavalent chromium) or critical raw materials (e.g. Palladium).


The proposed workshop will focus on new advanced technologies in the area of Metal Finishing Industry targeting to greener technologies based on the use of less toxic materials, circular economy concepts and Eco-design.


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Date: 1. June 2021 @ 9:30 - 12:30
Time: 9:30 - 12:30