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Bioceramics 32

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Bioceramics 32

The International Society for Ceramics in Medicine (ISCM) invites you to attend Bioceramics 32, the 32nd Symposium and Annual Meeting of ISCM, on September 20-23, 2022.

Bioceramics32 will be held in Mestre, just at the border of Venice, worldwide known for its unique historical relevance and for the incomparable architecture and magical scenery dominated by canals, waterways, and magnificent palaces making Venice one of the major centre of the Renaissance.

The conference, hosting material scientists, industrial and clinicians form all over the world, offers a unique opportunity to participate to a highly trans-disciplinary event covering the development and application of ceramic-based systems.

The mission of the conference is to highlight the key role of ceramic-based biomaterials in fostering new sectors of medicine, particularly for tissue regeneration, nanomedicine for theranostics, and new emerging topics including “Antibacterial Materials”“Nanosafety”“Skin Care” and “Circular Economy”

“Relay race” Symposia will be particularly dedicated to presentations showing the “passing of the torch” from material scientists to clinicians, to highlight advances and successes in technology transfer “from the bench to the bed”.

Special Sessions: We are honoured to host the Scientific Session: Antibacterial Bioceramics for Smart Prosthetic Applications”, organized and sponsored by the American Ceramic Society.

We will give also special attention to the aspects related to the translation of Bioceramics to clinics and market: Regulatory Aspects & Certification and Tech Transfer process to overcome the “Death Valley”

Additional Special Events are proposed to the kind attention of the participants:

  • Research Ideas for the market: Competition of Innovative ideas in the field of ceramics for medicine, and related issues on biotechnology and biomedicine. This Competition aims to encourage talent Young Researchers towards “research ideas at the frontiers of Knowledge” and/or to identify collaborative routes with business and local communities on innovative projects dealing with materials for medicine.
  • Some special workshops organized by Companies dealing with Materials in Medicine; Young Researcher Competition dedicated to PhD students and early stage Post-docs: Best oral lecture, Best poster.
  • Round Table on Infections at the end of the specifically dedicated Session.

Stay tuned about the SSbD workshop organised by the NMBP-15 projects. More information coming soon!

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Date: 20. September 2022 - 23. September 2022
Time: -
Venue: Venice, Italy