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Cnano’s Citizen Engagement Event

Within the context the M4 Consortium Meeting of the Horizon Europe MOZART project, Cnano organised a Citizen Engagement Event on plating technologies to promote the Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design  (SSbD) approach during the electroless and electroplating process. During the event, different types of coatings (Ni, Ni-P, Ni/SiC, Ni-P/SiC, precious metals) produced by Cnano were presented in their booth. The application of the SSbD approach was strongly emphasized as proposed by the SABYDOMA Project and implemented also within the NanoPAT Project. Moreover, 3D printed plastic objects metallized via a green and sustainable process avoiding the use of toxic hexavalent chromium and palladium were also be presented.

The event took place on 26th September in Sepolia, Athens (Greece). Around 50 people from academia, industry, as well as regulatory affairs participated in the event.