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On the occasion of the NanoCommons final conference, the whole nanosafety community came together for the NanoWeek 2022, which took place in Limassol, Cyprus from 20-24 June 2022. Led by the NanoCommons project, SABYDOMA and other 17 other currently running nanosafety projects joined forces and supported organizing the event.

Dr. Swaroop Chakraborty (University of Birmingham – UoB) visited, on 12th January 2022, Professor Andrew Nelson (University of Leeds – UNIVLEEDS) and other SABYDOMA team members: Professor Rik Drummond, Professor Thomas Chamberlain, Professor Nik Kapur, Dr. Karen Steensen, Dr. Will Stokes. Additionally, Professor Eugenia Valsami-Jones (UoB) attended the meeting remotely to discuss the future endeavours of

Within the framework of the EC Green Week 2021, Dr Alexandros Zoikis Karathanasis, from Cnano, participated, on June 1st, in the partner workshop “Metal Finishing Industry: A shift to Greener technologies” which was organized by Politecnico di Milano in the framework of the PureNano project and focused on new advanced technologies in the area of the

This 2021 edition of the EuroNanoForum addressed Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials as the key elements to guarantee the functioning, long term durability, safety, and environmental compatibility of many devices, machinery, and services, highlighting the fundamental role of advanced materials for the transition to greener technologies, and a more sustainable future, making a significant contribution to the

Founded in 1961, the Society of Toxicology (SOT) is a professional and scholarly organization of scientists from academic institutions, government, and industry representing the great variety of scientists who practice toxicology in the US and abroad. The Society’s mission is to create a safer and healthier world by advancing the science and increasing the impact of