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Biomembrane sensor technology transfer from UNIVLEEDS to APPNPS

From 17 – 20 May 2022, Will Stokes from University of Leeds (UNIVLEEDS) travelled to the facilities of Applied Nanoparticles (APPNPS) in Barcelona (Spain) for commissioning the Biomembrane Sensor, i.e., transfer the biomembrane sensing equipment, developed by UNIVLEEDS, to APPNPS as part of Case Study 1.

During this visit, Martí Busquets Fité (APPNPS) received training on various tasks required to operate the system, include the formation of a Mercury sensing element and lipid membrane required for performing cytotoxicity assays. Both partners, UNIVLEEDS and APPNPS verified that the duplicated equipment gave a similar response to the original system, by performing a sweep of assays on Silver Nanoparticles fabricated by APPNPS. APPNPS will now demonstrate the use of the biomembrane sensing equipment in their industrial setting.

Martí using the control software to form a lipid monolayen

Martí Preparing a Mercury sensing element

Will and Martí enjoying a break from work with Catalonian food