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2nd visit of UoB to UNIVLEEDS

On 16th February 2022, Prof Eugenia Valsami-Jones and Dr Swaroop Chakraborty, from the University of Birmingham (UoB) visited Prof. Andrew Nelson and other SABYDOMA team members (Prof. Rik Drummond, Prof. Thomas Chamberlain, Prof. Nik Kapur, Dr Karen Steenson, Dr Will Stokes) at University of Leeds (UNIVLEEDS).

The purpose of the meeting was to demonstrate the working mini-release accelerator kit (as follow up from the first visit in January 2022) followed by bio-membrane sensor kit developed at UNIVLEEDS. The kit will be used as a part of Work Package 4 of the project, led by UoB. The visit was also scheduled to discuss about the aging studies (at UoB) and accelerated weathering studies (UNIVLEEDS) of the case studies from RESCOLL and Cnano.

Dr Will Stokes successfully demonstrated the mini-release accelerator and bio-membrane sensor kit. Both UoB and UNIVLEEDS teams discussed about the potential use of these kits for future experiments. Furthermore, a teleconference was also scheduled to fruitfully discuss on the aging experiments of the case studies from RESCOLL and Cnano, the type of aging media, case studies sample dimensions and duration of the ageing, and accelerated weathering studies.